Applications & Industries

Manhole Risers: Applications & Industries

If you’ve ever driven down a city street and rode over a manhole or two you’ve only skimmed the surface of the intricate system just below your feet. If you were able to lift a manhole cover and look into its depths, you might be surprised to find a huge underground network of piping designed to prevent stormwater and treat wastewater. However, municipalities wouldn’t be able to maintain and inspect these systems without manhole access.

Manhole risers play an important role in maintaining sewer and stormwater systems because they allow inspection and repair crews to enter the underground network to evaluate their functionality and determine whether maintenance is needed. If a pipeline becomes clogged or sediment has built up in front of an outlet, a manhole allows city personnel to access the system to remove the obstruction thus preventing costly damages from backflow.

Common Locations Include:

  • Above the junction of two sewer or stormwater lines.
  • At locations where sewer or stormwater lines change size.
  • At locations where sewer or stormwater line alignment changes.
  • At locations where the grade changes in a sewer or stormwater line.

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WhirlyGig Manhole Risers

At WhirlyGig, we provide a manhole riser solution that inherent to its design results in a much easier, more cost effective, higher quality and safer installation compared to traditional methods such as concrete grade rings.  With the Whirlygig Manhole Riser solution you “Set it an forget it!” and can expect at least 25 years of maintenance-free service

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