Manhole Risers Installation

WhirlyGig Manhole Risers were designed for easy and efficient installation. Gone are the days when you had to raise a manhole ring with heavy concrete grade rings or other labor-intensive solutions which require stacking and grouting. In spite of an installer’s best efforts, road and utility crews could only approximate the correct height and slope of the other solutions making the process time-consuming, labor intensive, dangerous and resulting in a less than ideal manhole cover to road match.

With our revolutionary Manhole Riser solution we’ve simplified the entire process so that it’s safer, more effective, and takes less than six minutes to install. View the WhirlyGig process here.

WhirlyGig Manhole Risers

At WhirlyGig, we provide a manhole riser solution that inherent to its design results in a much easier, more cost effective, higher quality and safer installation compared to traditional methods such as concrete grade rings.  With the Whirlygig Manhole Riser solution you “Set it an forget it!” and can expect at least 25 years of maintenance-free service

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