Stehr Manhole Cutter SKF 950

Although Whirlygig, Inc. does not offer excavation solutions we are always happy to pass on information that may help our customers based on our experience as the best-in-class manhole riser solution.  If you’re interested in the products listed below please feel free to contact these suppliers directly.

Protective Liner Systems, Inc. is the North American Distributor for Stehr Equipment, Inc. and is based out of Lithonia, Georgia.  Please contact Ron Lyons at the information below for details and availability on the Stehr Manhole Cutter SKF 950.

Ron Lyons
Operations Manager
Protective Liner Systems
Phone: 770-482-5201 or Cell: 770-815-6699

Video:  Click here to see the Stehr Manhole Cutter SKF950 in action.

Stehr Manhole Cutter SKF 950 Technical Data:
• Weight: 800 kg (without cutting bit)
• Oil required: 100 l/min (max. 240 l /min)
• Pressure 210 bar
• Torque: 12,000 Nm
• Cutting depth: 300 mm
• Cutting diameter: up to 1420 mm
• Leakage oil pressure: max. 1 bar
• Cutting bits 420 -1420 mm

Stehr Manhole Cutter SKF 950 Benefits:
•Increases the quality of your work through excellent compaction.
•Flexible execution time.
•Long service life and low replacement costs for the cutting tools.
•No problems in contact with gravel and stones.
•No water cooling required.
•Drastic shortening of the performance time.

Stehr Manhole Cutter SKF 950 Energy Efficiency:
The high energy efficiency, economical fuel consumption as well as low pollutant and noise emissions always play a major role in the Stehr machines. With over 50 % less fuel compared to conventional machines, payback is achieved by the fuel savings alone.

Protective Liner Systems
P.O. Box 921
6691 Tribble Street
Lithonia, GA. 30058

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