The Benefits Of Manhole Risers

WhirlyGig Manhole Riser Benefits

Due to the engineering and maintenance issues associated with traditional and outdated manhole riser installation , WhirlyGig Manhole Risers have increased in popularity over the years due to their rugged construction, fast and accurate installation, long-lasting durability, and worker safety. Some major benefits of our Manhole Riser solution include:

Rugged Yet Lightweight

One of the biggest problems associated with traditional manhole riser materials (e.g. concrete grade rings) is their weight, which makes them cumbersome and difficult to work with. This, in turn, has led to concerns regarding worker safety as hand and back injuries are often reported due to installation. Our manhole risers weigh about one pound per inch of height compared to concrete grade rings that weigh 35 pounds per inch of height, which not only dramatically reduces the potential for injuries but also only requires one person to perform the installation.

Corrosion Resistant

Another problem associated with traditional manhole riser solutions is that they degrade relatively quickly in the presence of corrosive gasses such as hydrogen sulfide which is found in sewer and stormwater systems. As a thermoplastic form manufactured from Linear Low Density Polyethylene the WhirlyGig Manhole Riser is impervious to just this type of corrosive environment.  In fact, once they are installed, they will provide over 25 years of maintenance-free service.

Inflow & Infiltration (I&I) Prevention

Due to poor construction materials like brick or concrete grade rings, manholes made of these materials often have a loose fit and unsealed spaces that can result in I&I. By eliminating mating surfaces and the use of grout our WhirlyGig thermoplastic forms are the most effective solution in stopping I&I in wastewater systems.

WhirlyGig Manhole Risers

At WhirlyGig, we provide a manhole riser solution that inherent to its design results in a much easier, more cost effective, higher quality and safer installation compared to traditional methods such as concrete grade rings.  With the Whirlygig Manhole Riser solution you “Set it an forget it!” and can expect at least 25 years of maintenance-free service

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