Product Warranty Information

Manhole Risers Guarantee

At WhirlyGig, customer satisfaction is our main concern. Having been in the industry for decades, we understand the need for a safe, reliable and durable product. That’s why we are confident our manhole riser solution saves time, money, and labor.

Fully committed to customer satisfaction through the continuous improvement of the products we offer, we stand behind our manhole risers 100%. If something isn’t right, we will make it right. It is our responsibility to understand the needs of our customers and the environment in which they work. That’s why we promise total quality and the ability to look forward to over 25 years of maintenance-free service with our products.

WhirlyGig Manhole Risers

At WhirlyGig, we provide a manhole riser solution that inherent to its design results in a much easier, more cost effective, higher quality and safer installation compared to traditional methods such as concrete grade rings.  With the Whirlygig Manhole Riser solution you “Set it an forget it!” and can expect at least 25 years of maintenance-free service

Want to learn more? Contact WhirlyGig by filling out our online form or call us at 1.800.307.4263. We would love to hear from you and look forward to helping you recognize the value of the WhirlyGig system as the premier manhole riser solution.