Utility Vault Riser

manhole covers

Whirlygig, Inc. is proud to introduce its new Utility Vault Riser.

By listening to many of our long-term customers, and working with them side by side at their job sites during the development process, we were able to bring all the benefits that our existing best in class riser solution provides to the difficult to handle large castings used in utility vault installation.

The Whirlygig system was created to correct the obvious flaws that existing methods of installing manhole risers didn’t address and our new Utility Vault Riser is addressing the same issues to correct an even more difficult install.

Gone are the days of having to load bricks into the truck, haul them to the jobsite and find various objects to shim up large castings. The installer simply picks the correct starting height Utility Vault Riser and goes to work. Trimming the riser down to accommodate the height of the casting is accomplished in the same manner as the existing Whirlygig solution and allows a precision mating to the road surface that other methods just cannot beat. Another bonus is that existing Whirlygig Radial Arm Trimmers (RAT) already in the field can be used with minimal changes for Utility Vault Riser installation. Contact Whirlygig at 1-800-307-4263 for more information.